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Bose Soundwear: Quick Review
This is one of our favorites. The Bose Soundwear, very comfortable to wear and can be concealed when wearing heavy clothing in the Winter or light jackets in the Spring.  We have worn these in the office and they were perefect while sitting at a desk typing, or while filing,  etc.  We wouldn't suggest wearing these to take a private call if others are close by because they will most likely hear your conversation.  However, when playing music you can adjust the sound in which it does not disturb others but you can still clearly hear and enjoy your music. 

 The sound is solidly amazing, very handy device for those who don't like the traditional ear buds or for those who have very sensitive ears using any type of ear plugs.  We would not suggest using these during a gym work-out.  We can only imagine the discomfort of jumping around and sweating with the fear of these falling off your neck. 

Some consumers have mentioned being teased that it looks like a neck pillow, if so, it's the best sounding neck pillow that we have ever heard 
Bose estimates the SoundWear's battery life to be around 12 hours, but your results will vary with your volume levels.

We have not experienced any bluetooth connection problems while listening to music / movies and taking a call.

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Bottom Line:

Would we recommend?   - Yes

Cost is a bit pricey $299.99 but you are purchasing a Bose product

Device is form fitting and easy to forget that you are even wearing it

Swappable custom design covers which are sold separately but comes with 1 when purchased  - however we wish there were more colors to choose from other than black, blue and tan

We notice when powered on the device states the percentage of battery life remaing and it announces what device it is connected to -  if out of range it will announce the disconnection of the device which is a great feature 

Ear and Handsfree - to hear what's going on around you, while working and enjoying great sounds 
Our Rating 4.7 stars of 5  

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: Quick Review 
This phone has an a phenomal AMOLED screen, monster battery life and loads of useful camera tools. The option to wirelessly charge another device is convenient and really works! 

The Cons: Nighttime and low-light shots on this device aren't as clear or crisp as dedicated night modes on the Pixel 3 and Huawei Mate 20 Pro. The ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint reader isn't always fast or accurate. Mispresses on the curved edge -to -edge display are a minor annoyance.  

Bottom Line:

Would we recommend?   - Yes, but only if you have a $1000 to blow and you are looking for awesome camera features, long battery life and an ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint reader 

This device is bit pricey! 

Samsung should have given us more color choices

For this price you definitely expect this phone to have a notification LED but it doesn't.
Bose SoundSport Truly Wireless Ear Buds: Quick Review

These Buds has a powerful sound! We love using  these for that nod your head to the music type mood. These are our go to buds when heading to the gym. 

Comes in 3 color choices, blue, orange and black

Comes with a cool designed case to keep your buds charged

Con: The size is a little bulky so they stick out a bit from the ears

Bottom Line:

Would we recommend?   - Yes!  - the price for these wireless ear buds will run you about $199 which is about average based on the sound, quality and descent battery life!